Bathroom Design Considerations for Remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Storage needs:  Do you need/want a linen cabinet in the bathroom or perhaps added in a hallway nearby?  Would you like a medicine cabinet (or two)?  How do you prefer to store a hairdryer or other equipment?  How many towels do you use?  Would you like a recessed niche or 2 in the shower/tub area?  If yes, how large?

Physical limitations:  Should the remodeled bathroom be planned for accessibility?  Lever handles on faucets & shower/tub valves, grab bars, a shower bench & thermostatic valves are just a few of the options to consider.

Desired features:  Do you want a separate shower as well as a tub? Other options to consider when remodeling (depending on space & budget):  steam, sauna, music system, TV, towel warmer, exercise equipment. Is space needed for pet bathing, laundry, a dressing area?

How many people use the bathroom at the same time:  Depending on space available, do you want a double vanity?  Tub or shower for 2? Is privacy for the toilet important?

How many bathrooms are in the house: If there is at least one bathroom with a tub, would you prefer the bathroom you are remodeling to have just a shower?

Who will use this bathroom: If you plan to live there more than a few years you can customize your master or kid’s bath to meet your needs. The vanity can be at a height that suits you best.  A hall or guest bath might have guest towels, etc.  Physical limitations of potential users should again be considered.

Ease of relocating plumbing:  If there is finished living space below the bathroom, relocating the toilet when you remodel may be cost prohibitive.  Other plumbing changes could also be problematic.  A knowledgeable contractor or plumber will need to be consulted early in the design process.

For your convenience,  fill out my  ‘Bath Planning Guide’

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